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Cons Of Buying A Home With A Septic System

In our last blog post, we discussed the pros of buying a home with a septic system. We learned that there are many advantages to a residential septic system near Decatur, TX, such as being affordable, being environmentally-friendly, and being low maintenance. That being said, there are some cons to owning a septic system as well.

B & B Pumping serves the greater Decatur area with the best residential and commercial septic tank services, including installations, cleanings, and maintenance. Our expert technicians know what to look for in case there is a leak or crack in your system, as well as how to repair the inner component parts. Our mission is to ensure your septic system keeps you, your family, your employees, and your customers safe. Below, we’ll go over the cons of buying a home with a septic system. Call our septic tank cleaning company to get started today!



Although we list this as a con, it’s just a consequence of any human-made material. The reality is that your town’s wastewater treatment plants require a lot more maintenance than your septic tank for your home does, but you just aren’t personally handling it. Instead, you pay a monthly fee for someone else to handle it.

That being said, your septic tank will require to be emptied once every three to five years, as well as be inspected for any damage sustained or incurred. This is usually a few hundred dollars.

Repairs Are On You

If a problem occurs with your septic tank system, you are responsible for paying to get them repaired. When you use a town’s septic system services, they are responsible for fixing any broken pipes or mechanical parts in their wastewater treatment facility. That being said, you are actually paying for these repairs via your monthly fee, just like you are paying for maintenance as well. There’s not a lot free in this world, including disposal of your wastes.

One way to avoid costly repairs is to notice anything amiss with your residential septic system and to call right away. Soggy ground above your septic tank is one sign of a leak as well as funky odors as well from your ground or the fixtures in your home.

Vigilance of Your Drain Field

A septic tank system works by first treating the sludge that is a combination of your solid and your liquid waste and then releasing the treated wastewater into your drain field, or leach field, for final processing. If your drain field is not doing an adequate job, such as pipes are clogged or tree roots are disrupting the flow of these fluids, then you’ll need to have that repaired as well.

Space Issues

Septic system tanks can take up a lot of space, and if you have a small yard in a residential area, this can affect your usable space. For instance, you can’t plant trees on top of your septic system, nor can you put a swing set on top of it. You also have to have room for your drainfield. You can easily rupture pipes by digging around your septic system, and you can’t park your car on top of it either. Thus, the space that septic tanks take up need to be considered as partly-unusable by future homeowners.

Keep Your Septic Tank Running


  • Septic tanks should last decades
  • Residential septic tanks should be pumped every three to five years
  • Septic tanks are meant for waste only i.e. it’s not a trash can
  • Septic tanks are self-maintaining
  • Too much water usage can lead to drainfield flooding
  • All your waste water goes into your septic system


B & B Pumping near Decatur strongly urges you to have the septic tank of the property you are thinking about buying inspected before you close on your home. Since your septic system is so vital to the proper functioning of your home, it’s important that you know its condition and that it doesn’t need any major repairs. Our team is experts in both aerobic and conventional septic systems, and we’d be happy to answer any questions about their functioning, parts, care, and more.

Our septic system company has been offering the best septic tank cleanings, maintenance, and repairs since 2005. For four decades our family has been in the septic tank business serving the areas near Fort Worth. We understand all types of septic systems, materials, and which size is best for your needs. We can inspect your septic system to ensure it’s in good working order. We focus on our customers’ needs and do our best to ensure your septic tank lasts for years. Call us for your next septic tank inspection today!