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Keep It Running Like Clockwork With These Precautions!

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Heavy Rain Puddle

If heavy rain is on the forecast, you may be asking yourself: Should I be worried about my septic system? After all, our septic systems can get backed up if they’re overloaded. But does rain cause an impact on the system itself, since it’s only supposed to take care of rainwater? Well unfortunately, your septic system can still back up during a heavy rain, even if it’s only connected to septic lines through your home or commercial building. Find out why you should be especially cautious when heavy rain is on its way and what you can do to protect your septic system in today’s article.

As always, you can always count on B&B Pumping to provide septic pumping to keep your system in check — just give us a call! We work on septic tanks throughout Fort Worth, Decatur, Azle, Haslet, and Weatherford — feel free to take a look at our service area. Now let’s take a closer look at the hazard that rain may pose.

Beautiful Home Front

In our last blog post, we discussed the pros of buying a home with a septic system. We learned that there are many advantages to a residential septic system near Decatur, TX, such as being affordable, being environmentally-friendly, and being low maintenance. That being said, there are some cons to owning a septic system as well.

B & B Pumping serves the greater Decatur area with the best residential and commercial septic tank services, including installations, cleanings, and maintenance. Our expert technicians know what to look for in case there is a leak or crack in your system, as well as how to repair the inner component parts. Our mission is to ensure your septic system keeps you, your family, your employees, and your customers safe. Below, we’ll go over the cons of buying a home with a septic system. Call our septic tank cleaning company to get started today!

Residence at Night

Many people are surprised to learn that septic systems are actually quite common in the United States. In fact, they were the first systems to process waste before the invention of the wastewater treatment plants. Thus, approximately 25% of US residences and commercial buildings use septic systems. Some are shared, and they aren’t just in rural areas. Here in Texas, they are quite common, indeed.

B & B Pumping has been serving the citizens of Azle and the surrounding area with the best septic tank services since 2005. However, our family has been in the septic tank business since 1958. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and our customer service, doing everything we can to ensure your septic system is healthy and safe. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the pros of buying a home with a septic system. Contact our septic tank cleaning company today!

Commercial Building

Septic systems, whether you have an aerobic or conventional septic tank system, a residential or a commercial septic tank system, all function basically the same way. Waste makes it way from your home or business via pipes to the septic tank. Here, solid waste remains in the tank. Oxygen and bacteria are mixed in to break down the waste products. The solid matter sinks to the bottom while the wastewater flows into the drain field, or the leach field. Here, the water is treated again in the field. This treated water is now known as effluent, and it then flows back into the ground to start its journey back through the water cycle.

B & B Pumping offers the best septic and aerobic cleaning services in the Azle area, including serving Decatur, Fort Worth, Haslet, and Weatherford. We have years of experience of delivering exceptional customer service to our residential and commercial customers. When your septic tank needs checking, give us a call first. While septic systems operate in the same basic way, a commercial septic...

B & B Pumping Septic Truck

Many of your items, machines, and systems can break, and you’d be fine for a few days. From your refrigerator and car to your washing machine and air conditioning unit, if these systems fail, you simply call the appropriate repair company and await repair service. However, if your septic system fails, you have a major need that usually can’t wait, especially if your septic system is backing up into your home! Not only are waste products not the best for you, but they also can carry diseases when mixed with drinking water. Thus, you need a reliable septic system service company that can help.

B & B Pumping serves Fort Worth and the surrounding areas, including Decatur, Azle, Haslet, and Weatherford with the best septic system services, including septic tank cleaning, repairs, and maintenance problems. If you have a problem with your residential or commercial septic system, give us a call. Below, we’ll offer up tips for choosing a septic tank company. Call our septic tank cleaning company today!

City Skyline at Night

Since the beginning of time, what to do with human waste has been a conundrum. In the beginning, humans simply found different spots in the woods to use the restroom and then they buried the contents. Soon, people realized that water would wash their wastes downstream of where they were living, keeping their areas free from waste products. However, as societies grew and so did the population, this quickly became not the best option as soon there was no place left to bury waste products. People began to move inland away from imminent water sources. Something had to be done.

B & B Pumping serves the people of Weatherford, Azle, Fort Worth, Decatur, and Haslet with aerobic and conventional septic tank services. Our family-owned business specializes in pumping and cleaning residential and commercial septic tank systems, as well as maintenance and installation services. B & B Pumping is the name you can trust. Below, we’ll take a look at the inventor of the septic tank. Contact our septic tank cleaning company today!

Mouse Closeup

Most of us know that the Black Plague was caused by fleas that lived on rats that then bit humans. Once humans caught the disease, they passed it from person to person through the air. It was caused by a bacterium that was so deadly that people who were healthy one day could be dead the next. So how did rats get in our sewers anyways?

B & B Pumping is a septic system cleaning company based in Azle. We’ve been servicing septic tank systems since 1958. Our family-owned and operated septic system company loves helping you have a healthy and functional septic tank system. Below, we’ll take a brief look at the rat in sewer systems. Contact our septic pumping company today!

Manhole Cover on Street

Waste products are a part of being human. It’s how our bodies function. We eat, and our bodies get rid of what is not needed through waste. However, waste products, if consumed by us such as in our water supply, can cause us illnesses and even death. Plus, waste smells, so it’s imperative to ensure waste products are properly disposed of. However, this is something humans had to develop over time.

B & B Pumping offers the best septic tank services in the Weatherford area, including septic pumping and cleaning services. We offer septic tank cleaning for both aerobic and conventional septic tank systems. We are a family-owned and operated business with years of experience offering both residential and commercial septic tank cleaning services. Below, we’ll take a brief look at the history of sewers. Contact our septic system company today!

Smelly Septic Cartoon

When properly installed and treated to regular maintenance, your septic tank should serve you and your home for decades with no real issues. But eventually, your septic tank will start to show signs of its age.

If you think you’re in need of a new septic tank, here are a few signs that it’s time for a replacement.

Septic Tank in Hole

Septic systems are one of two modern alternatives to disposing of human waste properly (the other being connecting to your city’s sewer system). Needless to say, this is important because human waste, when it contaminates our water system, can cause dangerous illnesses that can cause death, as frequently happened hundreds of years ago before the advent of modern sewer systems.

B&B Pumping Septic & Aerobic Cleaning focuses on cleaning your residential or commercial septic system in the Fort Worth area. Proper maintenance is required in order to keep your septic system healthy and properly functioning. However, occasionally septic systems can be abandoned, either by past homeowners, currently homeowners, or by those who are foreclosed upon. These abandoned septic systems need to be taken care of, as they are a danger to humans. In this blog post, we’ll go over some of the steps that need to be taken to deal with an abandoned septic system. Contact us today in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area!

New Septic Tank Installation

When properly cared for, a septic tank system can offer you years of uninterrupted use. In addition to regular maintenance carried out by a professional, you can do your part to keep your septic tank clean and functional. We use the term “clean” loosely in this context, as your tank houses some truly putrid substances.

But keeping it clean is easier than it sounds. To cut back on maintenance calls and save money, follow these tips from B&B Pumping, the DFW area’s premier septic tank pumping company.

Septic Pumping

In rare cases, you might hear a high pitched buzz emanating from near your septic tank system. While you might be tempted to panic, it’s not necessary. The aerator alarm is just warning you that the water level in the tank is rising. Responding to the alarm is easy when you partner with the septic tank pumping experts at B&B Pumping. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons that could trigger your septic aerator alarm.

Commercial Septic Services

When you are responsible for a commercial building, many different aspects of the job require attention. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about all of the little ways that different things can go wrong. One of those oft-forgotten systems is the septic. Between fire alarms, flooring care, routine maintenance, and general security measures, how do you have the time to think about the septic system? Simple: let the professionals at B&B Pumping take care of it. All you have to do is schedule a pumping service and we will show up and take care of the tank for you — no need to deal with the hassle yourself. In fact, no building owner or residential septic system owner should attempt to pump their system themselves as it can be quite dangerous. But how do you know when it is time to pump your septic system? Well, the best rule of thumb is every two to five years, depending on the use your system gets. You should go no longer than five years between septic services, as it could create serious issues.

Grass and Dew Closeup

Another spring is upon us and the weather just does not seem to want to give us a break. We are having what is known as a “wet spring” in this part of Fort Worth and the rain does not seem to want to stop. At B&B Pumping, we are constantly asked about the ramifications that too much water falling from the sky will do to your septic system.

Leach Field Flower Garden

Last time we talked a bit about what would happen if your septic system was overtaken by a disaster like a flood or tornado. Ultimately the survival of your septic system, during a disaster or otherwise, is determined directly by how well maintained it is. Septic systems operate through a delicate bacterial process and when that balance is upset, could compromise the efficiency of your entire sewage infrastructure. At B&B Pumping, we have been maintaining septic systems since 1958 and we know a bit about keeping your system in top condition. Regular pumping is one of the most important aspects of septic system care and we recommend contacting us for a pumping service every three to five years. While pumping your septic system can be nearly impossible as a DIY project, there are many things you can do to maintain the health of your system yourself.

What to Do in a Disaster

If you are anywhere near the rising water that has plagued our region over the past few weeks, you know that disasters can happen at any time, anywhere. As Texans, we are a resourceful people and we like to think that we can weather the storm, regardless of the situation. But we also know being prepared does not hurt either. At B&B Pumping, we are the same type of people as our neighbors; resilient, self sufficient, and hard working. When you need your septic system pumped, that is not something that can wait until a week from next Tuesday, that is generally a serious situation. These are situations in which we shine, helping our neighbors when they need it.

Boost the Life of Your Septic System

Septic systems are one of the most ancient methods of treating sewage. By now you probably are clear about how the system works and what you need to do to keep it healthy. You know that there are certain things that you don’t put down the drain, when to have the system pumped, and how to keep it running efficiently. While you are probably doing everything correctly, there are always ways to improve the efficiency of your septic system. At B&B Pumping, we are your local septic and anaerobic cleaning professionals. We have been family owned since 1958 and we have been proudly pumping septic systems in Fort Worth, Haslet, and Decatur ever since. We want to make sure that your septic system is functioning at its peak and any information we can offer to help you do that, we will. Today we are going to talk about the impact that high-efficiency appliances can have on your septic system.

Septic Tank Freeze

With winter in full effect, it’s time to turn up the heaters, pile on the blankets, and enjoy a nice mug of hot tea to stay warm. But while you might stay cozy, your septic tank might be having a harder time staying warm this winter. While Weatherford and the Fort Worth area never get too cold, but it can drop into freezing temperatures throughout the winter season. This could mean that your septic tank system freezes up. So, what should you do if your septic tank freezes? First, take a deep breath, and read through this guide from B&B Pumping.

Preparing Your Septic Tank for Fall

While we’re lucky to live here in the Fort Worth area, with its warmer falls and winters, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get chilly around here starting in autumn. If you’re experiencing the cold, it’s likely that your septic tank is too. We have the luxury of bundling up in warm jackets and putting on that knit cap our grandparents made us, but our septic tanks are not so lucky. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare your septic tank for fall. B & B Pumping is here to offer you some tips for preparing your septic tank system for fall and winter.

Septic Tank Emergency

For long-time readers of our blogs, you know that plenty can go wrong with your septic tank. Backed up systems, poorly maintained tanks, and even environmental impacts can all damage your septic tank system. While we always preach the value of regular septic tank maintenance to avoid many of these problems, the reality is that sometimes there are events that are beyond our control. The result is a septic tank emergency. No one likes to think of these moments, but it’s important that you know what to do in case it happens to you. Stick around as B & B Pumping covers the basics of how to respond to a septic tank emergency.

What Are Septic Tank Risers?

There’s no denying that there is an air of mystery surrounding septic tanks. Buried under the ground, with only a lid to show you where it is, you not might think about your septic tank often. But these factors also make inspecting and pumping your septic tank can become a costly endeavor, especially if you’re experiencing a major problem with your septic system. B & B Pumping is committed to making septic tank pumping more accessible for our clients, that’s why we discuss innovative and useful features on our blog like septic tank risers.

Other Septic Tank Problems

In our last blog, we went over some common problems with septic tanks. From backups, to funky smells, there’s a lot that can go wrong with your septic system if you aren’t getting it inspected and pumped on a regular basis. In today’s blog, our septic specialists will look at some other problems that you might experience with your septic tank if you aren’t working with B & B Pumping to take care of your system.

Common Septic Tank Problems

For most homeowners in the Fort Worth area, the thought of their septic tank suffering from any kind of problem is nearly unimaginable. After all, B & B Pumping has been caring for their septic tank systems for years! But if you are one of the few left not trusting B & B Pumping with all of your septic system services, you might be encountering problems that keep your septic system from operating smoothly. In today’s blog post, our team of septic specialists will cover some of the common problems with septic tanks.

The Benefits of a Septic Tank System

It should come as no surprise that we’re advocates for septic tanks here at B&B Pumping. After all, our septic tank pumping services are our little way of giving back to the community throughout the Fort Worth area. In a previous blog post, we covered some of the reasons you might consider getting a septic tank. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the benefits of installing a septic tank for your home.

Things to Keep in Mind When Installing a Septic System

Installing a new septic system for your home can be a confusing prospect, especially if you’re new to the idea of septic systems. That’s why the septic tank specialists here at B & B Pumping have assembled this quick list of things to keep in mind when installing a septic system.

Strange Things Found in Septic Tanks

When you spend as much time in and around septic tanks as we do, you’re bound to find some strange things in there every now and then. Well, when you keep as busy as B & B Pumping does, you start finding strange things on a pretty regular basis. In today’s blog, we’ll cover some of these strange things we find frequently in people’s septic tank systems.

The Best Septic Tank Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning your septic tank system, you might look for ways to cut corners and save yourself the expense of having your system pumped. We get it; sometimes, the sticker shock of septic pumping can be a little much, especially if it’s been a while since you last had your system pumped. So in today’s blog, B & B Pumping will look at some septic tank cleaners and identify which one is best.

Worst Things to Put in Your Septic Tank

Your septic tank is the unsung hero of your home. While you busy yourself with day-to-day activities, it keeps all of your waste away from your home, ensuring that your home is odor and waste free. Since your septic tank works so hard for you, it’s important to treat it with kindness and care. In today’s blog, the septic specialists at B&B Pumping will cover a few items that should never go into your septic tank.

Common Septic Tank Myths

Your home’s septic tank may be one of the most mysterious parts of your daily life. You know it’s there, buried somewhere in the yard, full of unspeakable substances, but unless you work with B & B Pumping, you might not really know what it does and how it does it. You’re not alone in not really knowing much about your septic tank. In fact, people generally know so little about their septic systems that there are a lot of myths that have cropped up as a result.

A Brief History of the Septic Tank

Dealing with waste has been a problem for humans since well, forever. When humans switched from nomadic bands of hunter-gatherers to settled communities of farmers, they had to keep waste out of their small societies. As these communities grew, the need for sewage and septic systems grew evermore important. While people have been finding clever ways to get rid of their waste for millennia, only recently have septic tanks and systems become a regular part of settled living. Today, B & B Pumping is proud to present a brief history of the septic tank.

Common Aerobic Septic Tank Issues

For any aerobic septic system owner, the sound of a wailing alarm is probably a familiar noise. This alarm doesn’t always mean that you’re experiencing a septic crisis however, but it could mean that one of many features of your septic system is in need of attention. When you’re addressing this alarm, there are many problems that you’ll need to look for. In today’s blog, B & B Pumping of the Fort Worth area will cover some common aerobic system issues and how to diagnose them.

The Importance of Aerobic Septic Tank Pumping

Since our septic systems are buried in our yards, they are often out of sight, out of mind. But putting them out of our minds can actually be harmful to you and your septic system. Regular septic tank maintenance includes scheduled pumping. In today’s blog, B & B Pumping will discuss the importance of pumping your aerobic septic system.

Bacteria Growth

In our last article, we talked about some cool things happening with aerobic treatment systems. These systems are able to treat water, and that water can be reused to irrigate your lawn. Not sure that you would want to stick a straw in there and take a gulp, but it is acceptable as gray water. No matter how you are treating your sewage, unless you have a municipal sewer hook up, you will eventually need to pump your septic tank. The recommendations may vary depending on who you talk to — at B&B Pumping here in the Fort Worth area, we recommend that you pump your system at least every couple of years. This will keep the biological process going and maintain the efficiency of the system. We have talked about how the waste separates from the water and how the sludge sinks to the bottom. But what happens when the water floats out into the great unknown and off to greener pastures? Two words: drain field. Yeah it sounds like it would be pretty scary, but in reality the drain field is a magical place in which dreams come true and water returns to the earth.

Septic Tank System Installation

The septic system as a waste treatment solution is a fairly old concept. B&B Pumping has been servicing the septic systems of Weathersford, Fort Worth, Azle, Decatur, and Haslet for half a century, and, while we may feel like the old dog on the block, there is much more to the story. Back in ancient times, rivers provided a means to remove sewage from a settlement, but we all know now that dumping raw sewage into the water is not the best thing to do. Fast forward a bit and people started using holding areas for sewage, things like septic ponds and cisterns. These were primarily to make fertilizer and not for any type of water treatment. The beginnings of the anaerobic septic system happened much by accident. A guy in France ran pipes from his home into a concrete vault and basically forgot about it for ten years. One day as he was walking his property, he stumbled upon a note, dated ten years before that said, “Don’t forget to check the concrete vault”. Embarrassed, he hurried to the vault and lifted the lid. What he saw would change the face of how we handle the stuff that...

Thermometer Closeup

Winter in the Fort Worth area this year has been a roller coaster. We have had to endure some extremely cold temperatures and have many of us looking forward to an early spring. Not that the days are that bad but many of us would rather not have to put on a winter coat to take the dog for a walk. Winter is generally miserable if you have to be outside and most of us tend to spend the cold winter nights indoors. It is a good reminder to keep your pets inside on those cold nights. Your pets are one thing what about your home’s infrastructure, like the septic tank? Regardless of where you are located, your septic system can freeze up, although unlikely in our climate, it can still happen. Look at the poor alligators down in Florida, sticking their noses out of the water so they can breathe when the water freezes over. The last thing that the Floridians expected this year was iced over alligator ponds, but that is what happens when you have a super bomb storm, the likes of which have never been seen in the last thousand years.

Tree in a Field

If you have a septic system you have probably had an issue and that issue could have been the result of a well intentioned tree in your leach field. These trees can be disruptive in many ways, but the most damage they can do is though their roots. If a tree is allowed to grow unhindered in a leach field, the results can be catastrophic. Broken drain pipes, leaking tanks, and many other issues can occur with trees invading the leach field. It’s helpful to plan ahead if you’re landscaping around your leach field.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! How many times have you thought about your septic system in the last three months? Probably very little to not at all, right? As long as the little alarm is not going off everything is probably OK, right? Not necessarily. The hidden demons that lurk just below the surface are always ready to spring into action when the most inopportune time arises. The bubbling sludge in your septic tank is just waiting for a chance to clog your leach field and turn your backyard into a sloppy, sewer water filled toxic swamp. What happens then? Where do you turn? It can be an uncertain time but rest assured, you can count on B&B Pumping.

Sewage Pipe Junction

In the U.S., there are an estimated 25 percent of households that are dependent upon a septic system. While the prevalence of septic systems is slowly becoming less and less popular due to increased sewer infrastructure, the septic system is still a great option for many. When B&B Pumping was established in 2005, we already had 47 years of experience under our belts. In 1958, when the first tank was pumped by our trucks, just about 50 percent of the country was dependent on septic for wastewater disposal. In fact, about 25 percent of Americans had no flushing toilet at all! Times have certainly changed in the septic world but one thing remains constant, and that is B&B Pumping’s commitment to superior customer service and providing our customers with the finest result imaginable.

Hurricane Overview

As we all know our friends down on the Gulf Coast have suffered a great loss when Hurricane Harvey came roaring ashore and displaced thousands and dumped unprecedented amounts of rain. This storm essentially crippled an area that is one of the busiest ports in the country and a major hub for energy production. There are thousands of offshore oil rigs in the gulf and an additional thousands of workers that are out of a paycheck until the rigs are back up and running. All of this is secondary to the loss of human life and the unfathomable amount of homes that have been rendered unlivable by Harvey. The response however, has been an incredible show of support that reiterates the fact that Texans band together when things get tough and provide aid for their neighbors in times of need.

Buried Septic Tank

Last time we talked about what an amazingly intuitive system a septic leach field is for the environment. Utilizing bacteria that occurs naturally to treat water on your own property is the ultimate in self sufficiency. At B&B Pumping here in the Fort Worth area, we strive to keep your septic system running as efficient as possible. Without regular maintenance, your septic system will become clogged and not disperse wastewater as effectively. A septic system issue is generally not given much thought until the alarm goes off, indicating a backup. When this occurs it is time to give B&B Pumping a call to evaluate the situation as well as recommend any repairs that may be needed. Many times an issue begins in the leach field and is not noticed until it reaches the septic tank. At this point the problem could be extremely complicated and expensive to fix. Don’t let your system get to that point with these tips.

Large Septic Tank

Most people think that when you flush the toilet, wash the dishes, or take a shower that the water is gone. If you live where the city sewer lines carry your water to a local treatment facility, you do not need to worry about your water and where it goes. Okay, so maybe that is not true, you never want to dump grease down the drain and if you have the time, lists can be found all over the internet of what not to flush. Items like flushable wipes are particularly challenging for water treatment plants to deal with and should never be flushed down the toilet. But any treatment plant worker will tell you about the weird stuff that makes its way through the miles of pipes to end up clogging equipment at the end. Thinking about your septic system in the same conscientious way will make it last and hopefully increase the amount of time between maintenance. Of course, if at any time you need maintenance for your septic system, B&B Pumping is your local choice. We have been serving Fort Worth, Decatur, Azle, Haslet, and Weatherford and the surrounding areas for the last half a...

Bacteria Closeup

One of the biggest misconceptions about maintaining a septic system is that adding a variety of chemicals will increase its performance. The reality being, your septic system is actually a complex community of bacteria that breaks down waste. As much as any ecosystem, the septic tank community is dependent upon one another for proper operation. When everything is running smoothly and the bacteria are operating at full capacity, the septic system is an extremely efficient waste removal process.

Septic Tank Buried

We hope you have been enjoying all the helpful information we have giving out in our latest blog series about septic systems. At B&B Pumping here in the Fort Worth area, we want to make sure your system is pumped in a timely and efficient manner. At our septic system services company, we are professional, knowledgeable, and know how important a properly running system is for your home.

To continue right along with our series, it is time to talk about the evaporation system. Evaporations or ET’s, are great for dry and barren areas that lack vegetation and rain. This type of septic system uses natural evaporation of the waste using a sand barrier as well as planting grass and other vegetation above the drainfield to create transpiration.

The septic system is similar to ones mentioned earlier, however, the drainfield has a ditch that is lined with an impassable barrier. Located on the bottom of the ditch are punctured drainpipes that are then coated with a layer of gravel. Then a layer of sand is placed over the gravel and is made to be rounded above the ground. All...

Septic Tank and Pumping Pipe

Welcome back to our blog, if you have been keeping up with our recent posts, we are sharing a three-part blog series all about the different types of septic systems you can have and may have for your home here in the Fort Worth area. At B&B Pumping, we want to always ensure that your septic system is working flawlessly and efficiently. Getting your system pumped and cleaned every few years is imperative to keep your home safe and sound.

In this post, we will be diving into a new type of septic system, the low-pressure dose, and why it may be the right one for your home.

Pair of Septic Tanks

When it comes to septic tanks, there are only four types out on the market today. Unfortunately, due to codes of the area, you may not be able to pick your septic system. Each system is a bit different and has its own pros and cons to be aware of. There is a lot to consider when choosing a septic system — however, we make your septic system cleaning and pumping easy. At B&B Pumping, we want to make sure your septic tank and system is always running as it should. Getting it pumped and having regular maintenance done is essential for your septic system to keep performing accurately.

In this blog series, we are going to inform you of the four different types of septic systems and what they can do for your home here in the Fort Worth area.

Large Buried Septic Tank

Welcome back to our blog! In our last post, we were discussing the best and most practical ways to maintain your septic tank and septic system. Properly caring for your septic tank is imperative for your home. At B&B Pumping, our goal is to always make sure your septic system is running as it should. Getting your septic system pumped should be done every 2 to 5 years to ensure your system will keep performing its duties. In this post, we will be going over the benefits of implementing a septic tank and system in your home. Many people are unaware that a septic system has many benefits to their home such as: Better for the environment, long lasting, and cost less. Here, we will dive into why our septic system service thinks a septic system is best for your home.

Septic Pumping at Tank Access Point

The right maintenance for your septic tank is incredibly important in order for it to continue working properly. Ignoring these simple maintenance tasks can result in your tank overflowing, leaching unclean water into the ground around your home. Not only will this smell bad, but it can be hazardous both to your own health and to the environment. Unclean wastewater can even reach the groundwater, which could cause outbreaks of certain kinds of diseases. Septic systems are relatively simple to care for and require little–if any–interaction on a regular basis. That doesn’t mean you should ignore them, though! Not caring for your septic system will result in a frantic call to your local septic tank pumping companies. Here is your guide about how to care for your septic tank system.

New Septic Tanks

Septic tanks are something most of us have heard of but few of us actually know anything about. Our septic tank pumping team has been working with septic systems in the area for over ten years, so we understand what they are, how they work, and how to fix them when they are broken. The septic system has been in use for over 150 years, making its first appearance in France. Today, nearly one in five homes in the United States use a septic system. If you’ve purchased a home with a septic system and are experiencing them for the very first time, you probably have a lot of questions. So let’s start with the basics!

Septic Pump Truck Graphic

Welcome to B & B Pumping! We appreciate that you have taken an interest in our services. We’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about who we are and what we do.

B & B Pumping is a family-owned and operated septic service company based out of Azle, Texas. We have striven to provide Azle, Fort Worth, and the surrounding communities with high-quality septic tank services at a reasonable and affordable price. We understand how important it is to handle these types of projects with knowledge and professionalism; that’s why each member of our team is dedicated to being punctual, professional, and attentive to the needs of your septic system.