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Different Types Of Septic Systems For Your Azle Home: Part 2

Welcome back to our blog, if you have been keeping up with our recent posts, we are sharing a three-part blog series all about the different types of septic systems you can have and may have for your home here in the Fort Worth area. At B&B Pumping, we want to always ensure that your septic system is working flawlessly and efficiently. Getting your system pumped and cleaned every few years is imperative to keep your home safe and sound.

In this post, we will be diving into a new type of septic system, the low-pressure dose, and why it may be the right one for your home.

Low-Pressure Dose Septic System

This type of septic system is also known as a low-pressure pipe system and is great for people that don’t have a great soil layout or an overall spot for a septic tank. If the place to put your septic tank is on an incline, or the ground is uneven, this is the type of tank you will want to implement onto your property. The low-pressure dose systems (LPDs) are similar to a standard septic tank, but have an added component of an additional pumping chamber. If you have this type of tank you will need to turn on the pump as least twice a day. You will need to turn on the tank to force the bacteria-filled waste into the pumping chamber, which will then transfer the liquid to the drainfield. This drainfield is created by using pipes in a shallow gravel lined ditch. This ditch is about 12-18 inches wide and 10-18 inches in length. The waste is pumped into this drainfield until it is completely imbued. This is when the waste will begin to drain.

Take Care of Your Septic Tank

This type of septic system has many advantages for your home:


  • Natural elimination of waste due to evaporation because of grass and other shallow vegetation
  • An extra day of waste can be held in the pumping chamber if necessary without risk of overflowing
  • Less land required for absorption of the waste
  • Works in a more synchronized pattern


  • Potentially can get clog by things of nature such as sticks, roots, and other materials
  • Actual drain holes can be clogged by solid waste that protrudes through the chamber
  • Waste can build in the drainfield and other trench areas
  • Regular maintenance is required at least once a year but is preferred semi-annually

With this type of septic system, and with anything else in life, there pros and cons. This is a great system set up if you have bad terrain or uneven land. However, this system requires B&B Pumping to come at least twice a year to perform the maintenance needed on your septic system. Call us anytime to make sure your septic system is always running smoothly. B&B Pumping proudly serves folks throughout Fort Worth, Decatur, Azle, Haslet, and Weatherford — reach out to us if you’d like to learn more, or if it’s time to schedule pumping services. Check back for our next blog, part of this blog series, about evaporation septic systems!