Happy Thanksgiving

Holiday Septic Preparations

Happy Thanksgiving! How many times have you thought about your septic system in the last three months? Probably very little to not at all, right? As long as the little alarm is not going off everything is probably OK, right? Not necessarily. The hidden demons that lurk just below the surface are always ready to spring into action when the most inopportune time arises. The bubbling sludge in your septic tank is just waiting for a chance to clog your leach field and turn your backyard into a sloppy, sewer water filled toxic swamp. What happens then? Where do you turn? It can be an uncertain time but rest assured, you can count on B&B Pumping.

B & B Pumping Septic Tank Truck

Check The Calendar

While it may seem like just yesterday that you had your septic tank pumped and cleaned, as any parent will tell you, time seems to fly. Much like a yearly doctor’s’ check up your septic system needs to be inspected, and occasionally probed, to ensure that everything is flowing correctly. Your septic system is much like a physical digestive system in that respect — whatever you put into it, is what you get out. This is very apparent if you have ever had a dog that has eaten glitter, it is both scary and somewhat hilarious at the same time. In order for your septic system to continue working at an efficient level everything must be perfectly balanced. While this balance is self equalizing over time, the need to pump is never going to go away. If it has been over five years since your last septic tank service it is time to call B&B Pumping.

Do It Before It Is Too Late

With the holidays approaching, many of us are planning on having family or friends over for dinners and various other festive occasions. These events can be taxing on your septic system, literally. A sudden increase in “activity” can throw the whole system out of whack. Think of it like going to that Chinese buffet with the blinking neon sign; it is fun at the time but you can almost smell problems down the road. Much like taking a healthy dose of anti-diarrhea medicine will get you through the next 12 hours after the buffet, a septic service will prevent any unwanted septic emergencies.

Keep Your Septic Tank Running Smoothly

Prevention Is The Best Form Of Prevention

Huh? Anyway, with holiday entertaining your septic system can become overwhelmed and become plugged. This can cause the tank to overflow, creating a pond in your backyard, the drains to your home to back up, spewing sewage into your home and your tank could actually float off of its spot, breaking the pipes. If these situations were to occur, it will be at the worst possible time. Prevent the embarrassment of a yard full of tractors digging up your septic system with a periodic service call from B&B Pumping. Give us a call today and in many cases we can get you your tank in the same day. Act now and enjoy the holidays without worry. We work throughout Fort Worth, Decatur, Azle, Haslet, and Weatherford — feel free to take a look at our full service area. Enjoy the holidays!