Preparing Your Septic Tank for Fall

Preparing Your Septic Tank For Fall

While we’re lucky to live here in the Fort Worth area, with its warmer falls and winters, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get chilly around here starting in autumn. If you’re experiencing the cold, it’s likely that your septic tank is too. We have the luxury of bundling up in warm jackets and putting on that knit cap our grandparents made us, but our septic tanks are not so lucky. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare your septic tank for fall. B & B Pumping is here to offer you some tips for preparing your septic tank system for fall and winter.

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Create A Protective Barrier

They don’t make septic-tank-sized sweaters, but they do make grass seed and mulch. Both grass and mulch can act as a form of insulation for your septic tank. As we move further into fall, let your grass that’s on top of your septic tank system grow taller; about 6 inches is good. The extra grass can help to keep your septic tank from freezing. Similarly, a thick layer of mulch can help your tank stay warm. You can put an 8-12 inch layer over the spot your tank is buried. Make sure you do this before the temperatures start to drop into the freezing range during the night, otherwise this is really too late to be of any use. If your system is already frozen, it’s best to keep the spot free of any debris or insulation, as it will have the opposite effect and make it harder to thaw out.

Check Your Septic Tank System for Any Damage

A quick visual inspection of your septic system can help you identify any issues that may give you trouble during the colder months. The cover to your tank should be damage-free and easily spotted and accessed. Your cover should be level with the grade of the earth around it. Making sure that your tank and its related accessories are structurally sound is a safety measure. If you experience a septic tank freeze or other septic tank emergency, you’ll want to make sure that your tank will not hurt the technician working on it or cause them undue stress.

Fix the Leaks in Your Home

If you’re being lulled to sleep every night by the steady tap tap tap of a leaking faucet, it’s time to get it addressed before the fall weather gets any colder. Dripping faucets and pipes can result in frozen pipes when the temperatures drop. You’ll want to make sure that your pipes are in good working order before they freeze. You’ll also want to make sure that nothing is leaking into your septic tank system or on top of its lid, as this can cause problems in your system, or freeze your tank lid shut.

Keep Your Septic Tank Trouble Free

Schedule Septic Tank Maintenance Today

Regular maintenance is the best way to guarantee trouble-free use of your septic tank system. Make sure that your tank is pumped every three-to-five years, and that you report any problems to our specialists right away. Can’t remember the last time you called for septic tank maintenance? Give us a call today and we’ll make sure that your septic tank system is ready for fall! B & B Pumping proudly serves folks throughout Fort Worth, Decatur, Azle, Haslet, and Weatherford — feel free to take a look at our service area.