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Spring Rains Can Bring Septic Pains

Another spring is upon us and the weather just does not seem to want to give us a break. We are having what is known as a “wet spring” in this part of Fort Worth and the rain does not seem to want to stop. At B&B Pumping, we are constantly asked about the ramifications that too much water falling from the sky will do to your septic system.

Reduce Water Usage

While your septic system is a closed system, there is the possibility of water seeping into the tank itself. If the ground is supersaturated, some water could make its way into the main tank and cause flooding. The best way to avoid the possibility of a tank overflowing is to try and reduce excessive water usage, particularly when letting the water down the drain. Now we are not talking about skipping your morning shower, just reducing the amount of time you allow the water to run while showering. Try turning off the water when shaving your legs and washing your hair. Guys, try turning off the water when shaving your face in the morning or switch to an electric razor. Laundry and dishes are also major water wasting activities and you can reduce your usage simply by running the dishwasher only when necessary and doing laundry only when you have a full load.

Practice Good Maintenance

The better health your septic system is in, the easier it will be for it to whether bad, um… weather. It is important to consider your septic system has a complex biological process operating at all times and can be affected by whatever you put down the drain. If you have a garbage disposal, it is probably best not to use it as some food may be difficult to break down when in the tank. Cleaning products can have some of the most devastating impacts on a septic system. Some common cleaning products will kill the good bacteria in the tank and can cause the system to stop breaking down the solids as it should. When choosing cleaning products make sure that they are safe for your septic system and will not damage the bacterial process.

Have Your Septic System Pumped

The single most important maintenance item for your septic system is regular pumping. If it has been more than five years since you have had your system cleaned and pumped you are more than likely overdue for a service. Pumping your system is incredibly important so that the biological process continues at a steady rate. A dirty system can have excess bacteria and become out of balance. When that occurs the possibility of overflow and a clogged leach field is increased.

Practice Good Maintenance

During heavy rain events, having a system that is in good health is important to avoid problems. At B&B Pumping, we can assist in helping you keep your septic system in perfect health. So if it is time, have your septic system pumped by one of our teams of professionals and know when the water falls from the sky that your septic system is in order.