Strange Things Found in Septic Tanks

Strange Things Often Found In Septic Tanks

When you spend as much time in and around septic tanks as we do, you’re bound to find some strange things in there every now and then. Well, when you keep as busy as B & B Pumping does, you start finding strange things on a pretty regular basis. In today’s blog, we’ll cover some of these strange things we find frequently in people’s septic tank systems.

Two Septic Tanks

Precious Metals

While we aren’t talking about treasure chests stocked full of gold doubloons, we do find our fair share of gold and silver in septic tanks. Often, people will have watches, rings, earrings, and necklaces accidentally wash down their drains. In fact, losing a piece of precious jewelry is so common that researchers at Arizona State University suggest that every year, cities with a population of 1 million people or more flush nearly $13 million dollars worth precious metals into their septic tanks.

Cell Phones

We get it, sometimes you just have to send that text or take that phone call, but be careful where you do it! We’re surprised by the number of cell phones that we find in our customers’ septic tanks. We wonder if those phones get better coverage in your septic tank. Can you hear me now?

Kitty Litter

No matter how clean you keep the litter box, it always seems to have an odor about it. It’s natural to want to flush poop down your toilet, but make sure you don’t flush the kitty litter down the drain with it. Flushing kitty litter is one of the fastest ways to clog your septic tank and cause a backup. However, some brands of kitty litter can be flushed down the toilet, so make sure to check the instructions on the side of the box.

Monkey Closeup


We’ve also found a lot of spiders and other creepy crawlers in a lot of septic tanks. The dark, moist cavern that is your septic tank makes a great home for some of these creatures, but fortunately, we haven’t found much more than just bugs and the occasional frog or toad in a septic tank. There was that one time that we found something, but we weren’t sure what was looking back at us.


The drain holds an allure to curious children that is unmatched by other household fixtures. Often, when we visit family homes with young children, we expect to find a least one or two toy cars, an action figure, marbles, or even some tennis balls. Make sure your kiddos know that only waste goes down the drain, not their toy astronauts.

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