The Benefits of a Septic Tank System

The Benefits Of Installing A Septic Tank

It should come as no surprise that we’re advocates for septic tanks here at B&B Pumping. After all, our septic tank pumping services are our little way of giving back to the community throughout the Fort Worth area. In a previous blog post, we covered some of the reasons you might consider getting a septic tank. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the benefits of installing a septic tank for your home.

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If you read our last blog that covered the considerations you need to keep in mind before installing a septic tank, you’ll know that there are some construction costs associated with putting in a new septic system. While this might be an upfront cost, in the long run, a septic system is an affordable investment. In many cases, regular maintenance of a septic system is far less costly than eliminating your wastewater via a public sewage system. Much of your water bill from the city or county is based on your use of the sewage system. If you’re not using their sewage system, you’ll see your water bills drop. Especially if you have a home on a large parcel of land, or have a tank that is sized to meet your usage, you’ll save money in the long run rather than relying on the public sewage system.

They Might Be a Necessity

For homes that are far away from a city limit, or outside the county’s sewage system, a septic tank system may be a necessity for you and your home. A septic tank is a much more desirable option compared to the alternative — an outhouse. Septic tanks are easier to maintain than an outhouse, and ultimately, they’re more sanitary and healthy for you. Your waste is being washed out of your home and into the tank itself, where it stays until it is pumped by our specialists.

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Fewer Calls to the Plumber

Homes that rely on a public sewage system often don’t think twice of what they put down their kitchen and bathroom drains. Food scraps, soaps, chemicals, and hair all make their way down the drain without a second thought. The result is more frequently clogged drains and plumbing issues. Because septic tanks are not just a place to dump anything and everything, homeowners that use a septic system are often more cognizant of just what they’re putting down their sink. They keep themselves from washing fat, grease, and bones down their sinks. They’re more likely to use hair traps that prevent drain clogs. Paints and chemicals are disposed of properly. All of these things can interrupt the proper functioning of a septic tank system. The result is that homeowners with septic tank systems generally have cleaner plumbing than those who don’t. That means they spend less each year on calls to the plumber.

Need Your Septic Tank Pumped?

Pumping Is A Call Away!

The other benefit of having a septic tank installed in your home is that you get to work with the friendly septic technicians from B & B Pumping! With decades of experience, we’re ready and able to take care of all of your septic tank needs. Plus, we’re a local company, serving Fort Worth, Decatur, Azle, Haslet, and Weatherford — feel free to take a look at our full service area. Call us today and schedule your regular septic tank maintenance!