The Best Septic Tank Cleaner

The Best Septic Tank Cleaner?

When it comes to cleaning your septic tank system, you might look for ways to cut corners and save yourself the expense of having your system pumped. We get it; sometimes, the sticker shock of septic pumping can be a little much, especially if it’s been a while since you last had your system pumped. So in today’s blog, B & B Pumping will look at some septic tank cleaners and identify which one is best.

Cleaning Supplies and Bucket

Household Chemical Cleaners

Part of modern homeownership is using chemical cleaners to keep your home and possessions clean. Products, like bleach, detergents, and soaps, do a great job of cleaning your kitchens, clothes, and bathrooms, so surely they’ll work to keep your septic tank clean, right? Wrong! Used normally, if these products are washed down your drain and into your septic tank, most times, these chemicals will not adversely affect your tank or the environment and groundwater around your tank. However, if you deliberately pour these chemicals into your septic tank, they may have a harmful impact on the microorganisms that live in your tank. These microorganisms help to break down your solid waste and keep your tank clean. Killing them can slow down this natural process and cause more frequent blockages, and your tank will need to be pumped more frequently as a result.


Disinfectants are commonly used in households as a way to keep bathrooms and kitchens clean. They do a great job of killing the harmful bacteria that can build up in these high-use spaces. Many homeowners feel that these same disinfectants can be used to clean their septic tanks. Well, much like chemical cleaners, when used in large quantities, disinfectants can kill the microorganisms in your septic tank, and in many cases, it can take two to three days for these helpful bacteria to recover. But unlike chemical cleaners, often, disinfectants have a minimal impact on the environment and groundwater surrounding a septic tank.

Large Green Septic Tank

Septic Tank Additives

Packaged in brightly colored boxes and covered in promises of eliminating fat and grease in your tank while simultaneously keeping it clean, these septic tank additives are no doubt an appealing choice to many homeowners. Some of these additives contain bacterial “starters” that are meant to improve the health of the bacterial colonies in and around a tank, while others are meant to combat the presence of grease and fat, reducing the need for pumping. In reality, these additives often don’t really do anything, and in fact, your septic tank system probably works fine, if not better, without them.

So What Is the Best Septic Tank Cleaner?

The best septic tank cleaner is pretty obvious. Regular septic tank maintenance through a septic specialist, like B & B Pumping, is the best way to keep your system clean. To keep sludge and waste from building up in your system, we recommend that you have your system pumped every three years or so. You can ensure that you don’t have to have it pumped as frequently by using low-flow water fixtures in your home, and by not pouring large quantities of cleaners or additives into your tank.

Keep Your Septic Tank Clean

Septic Tank Cleaning Is A Call Away!

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