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The Leach Field

Most people think that when you flush the toilet, wash the dishes, or take a shower that the water is gone. If you live where the city sewer lines carry your water to a local treatment facility, you do not need to worry about your water and where it goes. Okay, so maybe that is not true, you never want to dump grease down the drain and if you have the time, lists can be found all over the internet of what not to flush. Items like flushable wipes are particularly challenging for water treatment plants to deal with and should never be flushed down the toilet. But any treatment plant worker will tell you about the weird stuff that makes its way through the miles of pipes to end up clogging equipment at the end. Thinking about your septic system in the same conscientious way will make it last and hopefully increase the amount of time between maintenance. Of course, if at any time you need maintenance for your septic system, B&B Pumping is your local choice. We have been serving Fort Worth, Decatur, Azle, Haslet, and Weatherford and the surrounding areas for the last half a century, and we call many of our customers our friends.

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The Leach Field Overview

One of the aspects of the septic system that many fail to consider is the leach field. Unless you are hooked up to city water, your septic system has a leach field. The principle behind the leach field is actually quite genius and is as natural a wastewater disposal system as you can get. In order for a leach field to operate correctly, it must be installed in the correct manner. The layout is as simple as it is non-invasive. The sewer pipes coming out of the home flow into a septic tank in which the solid waste is segregated from the wastewater and broken down through a bacterial process. The water flows out of the tank into a distribution valve which allows the water to flow into a network of pipes. Each pipe is perforated to allow equal distribution of the wastewater into the ground.

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The Biofilter

It is a simple idea with much more going on than it seems. The drain lines do not simply dump raw sewage into the ground, that would create health issues, instead, the lines are buried in a trench with gravel or some other medium surrounding them. This cocoon of gravel actually becomes a biological filter by nurturing bacteria that neutralizes the potential toxic elements of the wastewater. The water is then absorbed back into the ground and filtered through the natural percolation process. As you can see, the leach field is the ideal way to remove wastewater without having to rely on the city infrastructure. It is self-sustaining and environmentally friendly. Of course, as with anything, septic systems rely on regular maintenance to perform perfectly.

At B&B Pumping we perform routine pumping of septic systems in order to keep them running at maximum efficiency. We work on septic tanks and leach fields throughout Fort Worth, Decatur, Azle, Haslet, and Weatherford — feel free to take a look at our service area and give us a call to schedule an appointment. We are also able to repair or replace any part of your septic system that may be malfunctioning due to damage or neglect. Next time we will be discussing a bit more about how to maintain your leach field and some of the important things to remember when maintaining the area.