What Are Septic Tank Risers?

What Are Septic Tank Risers?

There’s no denying that there is an air of mystery surrounding septic tanks. Buried under the ground, with only a lid to show you where it is, you not might think about your septic tank often. But these factors also make inspecting and pumping your septic tank can become a costly endeavor, especially if you’re experiencing a major problem with your septic system. B & B Pumping is committed to making septic tank pumping more accessible for our clients, that’s why we discuss innovative and useful features on our blog like septic tank risers.

Septic Tanks Before Installation

Septic Tank Risers

A septic tank riser is a piece of piping, made from either concrete or durable plastic, that runs from the access ports of the septic tank to ground level. While this might seem like a useful feature, many septic tank systems are missing risers, especially older model tanks, or tanks in older homes. The depth of the riser depends on how deep below the surface the septic tank is buried. Generally risers are eight to 24 inches in diameter to allow septic tank technicians to easily check and maintain the tank. Using a septic tank riser makes regular maintenance easier, and prevents technicians from having to dig up your yard to find your tank.

Installing Septic Tank Risers

Installing a septic tank riser is a fairly straightforward process. A septic tank technician will come to your property and find your septic tank by probing the ground. With the tank located, the ground is dug up to create an access hole. The pipe is placed into the ground and replaces the access hole in the tank itself. The pipe is held in place by fill dirt and the pipe is sealed with a new lid.

Things to Keep in Mind

While septic tank risers make your system more accessible, they do come at a cost. Typically, there is a one-time cost for the pipe, lid, and labor associated with installing the riser. Additionally, the presence of the septic tank lid may be an undesirable visual blemish on the yard, and some property owners may not want to know that their septic tank is there.

However, tank risers can limit your regular septic tank maintenance costs, as the increased accessibility reduces the amount of time a technician needs to spend to get to your tank. It’s not uncommon for these smaller bills to pay for the installation. To address the appearance issue, homeowners can layer thin soil over the lid to hide the riser. This doesn’t impact the function of the lid and is still easily accessed by technicians when needed.

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