What to Do in a Disaster

What To Do In A Disaster Situation

If you are anywhere near the rising water that has plagued our region over the past few weeks, you know that disasters can happen at any time, anywhere. As Texans, we are a resourceful people and we like to think that we can weather the storm, regardless of the situation. But we also know being prepared does not hurt either. At B&B Pumping, we are the same type of people as our neighbors; resilient, self sufficient, and hard working. When you need your septic system pumped, that is not something that can wait until a week from next Tuesday, that is generally a serious situation. These are situations in which we shine, helping our neighbors when they need it.

Flooded Septic System?

The flooding got us to thinking, what happens in your septic system when there is a flood? After all, it would make sense that your septic system would back up into your home or the tank would float away. While both of these things can happen, with a little preparation, your septic system should ride out the minor flooding with no problem whatsoever.

Septic Care Makes All The Difference

If you take good care of your septic system, the best thing you can do is just keep doing what you are doing. Proper septic tank care, such as regular pumping, not throwing anything damaging into the drain, and making sure that your drain field is clear, are all best practices regardless. But when a disaster like a tornado or flooding occurs, you can rest easy knowing that your septic tank is going to weather the storm, just fine. The real care should take place after the storm.

Post Storm Pumping

If the water has risen, it is critical to evaluate how much water was able to make its way into your septic system, and if it could cause issues. The last thing you want to do is have your system pumped before a storm event where flooding could be a possibility. This could make the tank light enough that it actually will float away.

Take Care Of Your Drain Field

If you are not in an area that is literally going to be washed away with floodwaters, a well taken care of drain field will keep your tank firmly in place, regardless of how much water you get. The important thing to remember is to keep trees out of the drain field and allow strong, native grass to take hold. The grass roots will mesh together and form a strong infrastructure for your septic tank.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Our recommendation, flooding or not, would be to continue the exceptional maintenance program that you are probably already following for your septic system. If you do need your system pumped or it has been longer than you can remember since you have had any maintenance done, please do not hesitate to give B&B Pumping a call. We proudly serve our neighbors in Azle, Decatur, Fort Worth, Haslet, and the surrounding areas.