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Why You Need Regular Commercial Septic Tank Services

Septic systems, whether you have an aerobic or conventional septic tank system, a residential or a commercial septic tank system, all function basically the same way. Waste makes it way from your home or business via pipes to the septic tank. Here, solid waste remains in the tank. Oxygen and bacteria are mixed in to break down the waste products. The solid matter sinks to the bottom while the wastewater flows into the drain field, or the leach field. Here, the water is treated again in the field. This treated water is now known as effluent, and it then flows back into the ground to start its journey back through the water cycle.

B & B Pumping offers the best septic and aerobic cleaning services in the Azle area, including serving Decatur, Fort Worth, Haslet, and Weatherford. We have years of experience of delivering exceptional customer service to our residential and commercial customers. When your septic tank needs checking, give us a call first. While septic systems operate in the same basic way, a commercial septic system is different from a residential septic system, mainly in the fact that it has to be bigger to accommodate more use. Below, we’ll take a look at the reasons why you need regular commercial septic tank services. Contact our septic tank company today!


Used More Often

A commercial septic tank system is designed to meet the needs of more people than just your typical household. Thus, this requires bigger and multiple tanks, a bigger leach field drainage area, and more attentive service. Since there will be more fluids flowing in and out, your commercial septic tank services will require more frequent cleanings, inspections, and maintenance services.

Need Larger Spaces

The key here will be the leach field. Ideally, you will be able to have a larger horizontal drainage area. If this is not possible, you may be able to dig deeper and have your drainfield extend vertically. Also, the holding tank can be installed above the ground with the drain field directly below it if need be due to lack of space.

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Preventative Care

By ensuring regular inspections, cleanings, and maintenance of your commercial septic system near Azle, you’ll be able to ward off any major problems arising, such as a leak. The last thing you want is for your septic tank to not be able to hold the amount of waste generated from your commercial space. Thus, it’s wise to partner with a local, reliable septic system company for all your commercial septic needs.

Automate It

B & B Pumping in Azle recommends that you automate your commercial septic system care by investing in regular septic tank services. By scheduling ahead and at regular intervals, you won’t have to waste time calling us all the time scheduling, but you also won’t forget to do so and you are only reminded when trouble arises (pardon the pun). Thus, spea, to one of our exceptional technicians about regular septic tank services for your commercial business near Azle today.


If you’re an apartment complex, grocery or retail store, office park, industrial building, house of worship, campground, hotel, school, restaurant, and more, B & B Pumping in Azle can take care of your septic system needs. With years of experience in handling these larger septic system needs, our team can help ensure your business stays running smoothly. We love helping local businesses with preventative care, and we can answer any questions you may have. Whether your septic system is aerobic or conventional, we can help. When you need commercial septic tank services, call our company today!