About Septic Systems

Nearly a quarter of American homes use a septic tank system, and they’re a common feature in homes here in Texas. In some cases a septic tank was the only alternative to the city sewer whose lines may have not reached certain homes. Due to growth, many septic tank systems have been abandoned or hooked up to the municipal sewer system. In many areas however, the use of a septic tank system is much more preferred than the city sewer system.

Alongside septic tanks, which capture waste water, your property may have a leach field (or “drain field”) or an aerobic treatment system. Aerobic systems treat waste on-site, so that reclaimed, treated water can be pumped to an irrigation system or to an outlet feeding away from the site. Leach fields, on the other hand, spread wastewater into soil onsite. This wastewater will already have had sludge and solid waste removed via the septic tank. Both aerobic systems and leach field systems require pumping and maintenance to keep sludge levels low, and to keep their unique systems operational.

The largest sector of the septic tank pumping industry is residential septic infrastructure, and B & B Pumping has been serving the septic tank pumping needs of homeowners in the area since 1958. It’s important to ensure that a professional is taking care of this system, to ensure that it doesn’t back up or break down.