1. The Worst Things To Put Into Your Septic Tank

    Your septic tank is the unsung hero of your home. While you busy yourself with day-to-day activities, it keeps all of your waste away from your home, ensuring that your home is odor and waste free. Since your septic tank works so hard for you, it’s important to treat it with kindness and care. In today’s blog, the septic specialists at B&B Pumping will cover a few items that should never g…Read More

  2. Common Septic Tank Myths

    Your home’s septic tank may be one of the most mysterious parts of your daily life. You know it’s there, buried somewhere in the yard, full of unspeakable substances, but unless you work with B&B Pumping of Azle, you might not really know what it does and how it does it. You’re not alone in not really knowing much about your septic tank. In fact, people generally know so little about the…Read More

  3. A Brief History Of The Septic Tank

    Dealing with waste has been a problem for humans since well, forever. When humans switched from nomadic bands of hunter-gatherers to settled communities of farmers, they had to keep waste out of their small societies. As these communities grew, the need for sewage and septic systems grew evermore important. While people have been finding clever ways to get rid of their waste for millennia, only re…Read More

  4. Common Aerobic System Issues

    For any aerobic septic system owner, the sound of a wailing alarm is probably a familiar noise. This alarm doesn’t always mean that you’re experiencing a septic crisis however, but it could mean that one of many features of your septic system is in need of attention. When you’re addressing this alarm, there are many problems that you’ll need to look for. In today’s blog, B&B Pumping …Read More

  5. The Importance of Aerobic System Pumping

    Since our septic systems are buried in our yards, they are often out of sight, out of mind. But putting them out of our minds can actually be harmful to you and your septic system. Regular septic tank maintenance includes scheduled pumping. In today’s blog, B&B Pumping in Azle will discuss the importance of pumping your aerobic septic system. Your Aerobic Septic System Your aerobic septic sy…Read More

  6. Trust the Process, The Septic Process

    Last time we talked about some cool things happening with aerobic treatment systems. These systems are able to treat water, and that water can be reused to irrigate your lawn. Not sure that you would want to stick a straw in there and take a gulp, but it is acceptable as gray water. No matter how you are treating your sewage, unless you have a municipal sewer hook up, you will eventually need to p…Read More

  7. At B&B Pumping, We Have Come A Long Way

    The septic system as waste treatment is a fairly old concept. B&B Pumping has been servicing the septic systems of Fort Worth, Azle, Decatur and Haslet for half a century and, while we may feel like the old dog on the block, there is much more to the story. Back in ancient times, rivers provided a means to remove sewage from a settlement, but we all know now that dumping raw sewage into the wa…Read More

  8. Is Your Septic System Safe in this Cold?

    Winter in the Fort Worth area this year has been a roller coaster. We have had to endure some extremely cold temperatures and have many of us looking forward to an early spring. Not that the days are that bad but many of us would rather not have to put on a winter coat to take the dog for a walk. Winter is generally miserable if you have to be outside and most of us tend to spend the cold winter n…Read More

  9. Trees Can Ruin Your Drainfield

    If you have a septic system you have probably had an issue and that issue could have been the result of a well intentioned tree in your leach field. These trees can be disruptive in many ways, but the most damage they can do is though their roots. If a tree is allowed to grow unhindered in a leach field, the results can be catastrophic. Broken drain pipes, leaking tanks and many other issues can o…Read More

  10. Holiday Septic Preparations

    How many times have you thought about your septic system in the last three months? Probably very little to not at all, right? As long as the little alarm is not going off everything is probably OK, right? Not necessarily. The hidden demons that lurk just below the surface are always ready to spring into action when the most inopportune time arises. The bubbling sludge in your septic tank is just w…Read More