1. Strange Things Often Found in Septic Tanks

    Strange Things Often Found In Septic Tanks

    When you spend as much time in and around septic tanks as we do, you’re bound to find some strange things in there every now and then. Well, when you keep as busy as B & B Pumping does, you start finding strange things on a pretty regular basis. In today’s blog, we’ll cover some of these strange things we find frequently in people’s septic tank systems. Precious Metals While we aren’…Read More

  2. The Best Septic Tank Cleaner

    The Best Septic Tank Cleaner?

    When it comes to cleaning your septic tank system, you might look for ways to cut corners and save yourself the expense of having your system pumped. We get it; sometimes, the sticker shock of septic pumping can be a little much, especially if it’s been a while since you last had your system pumped. So in today’s blog, B & B Pumping will look at some septic tank cleaners and identify which…Read More

  3. Bacteria on a Petri Dish

    Trust the Septic Tank Process

    In our last article, we talked about some cool things happening with aerobic treatment systems. These systems are able to treat water, and that water can be reused to irrigate your lawn. Not sure that you would want to stick a straw in there and take a gulp, but it is acceptable as gray water. No matter how you are treating your sewage, unless you have a municipal sewer hook up, you will eventuall…Read More

  4. Septic Tank Installation on a Construction Site

    At B&B Pumping, We Have Come A Long Way

    The septic system as a waste treatment solution is a fairly old concept. B&B Pumping has been servicing the septic systems of Weathersford, Fort Worth, Azle, Decatur, and Haslet for half a century, and, while we may feel like the old dog on the block, there is much more to the story. Back in ancient times, rivers provided a means to remove sewage from a settlement, but we all know now that dum…Read More

  5. Freezing on a Thermometer

    Is Your Septic System Safe in This Cold?

    Winter in the Fort Worth area this year has been a roller coaster. We have had to endure some extremely cold temperatures and have many of us looking forward to an early spring. Not that the days are that bad but many of us would rather not have to put on a winter coat to take the dog for a walk. Winter is generally miserable if you have to be outside and most of us tend to spend the cold winter n…Read More

  6. Bacteria Banner

    The Biological Septic Process

    One of the biggest misconceptions about maintaining a septic system is that adding a variety of chemicals will increase its performance. The reality being, your septic system is actually a complex community of bacteria that breaks down waste. As much as any ecosystem, the septic tank community is dependent upon one another for proper operation. When everything is running smoothly and the bacteria …Read More