1. How to Respond to a Septic Tank Emergency

    How To Respond To A Septic Tank Emergency

    For long-time readers of our blogs, you know that plenty can go wrong with your septic tank. Backed up systems, poorly maintained tanks, and even environmental impacts can all damage your septic tank system. While we always preach the value of regular septic tank maintenance to avoid many of these problems, the reality is that sometimes there are events that are beyond our control. The result is a…Read More

  2. What Are Septic Tank Risers?

    What Are Septic Tank Risers?

    There’s no denying that there is an air of mystery surrounding septic tanks. Buried under the ground, with only a lid to show you where it is, you not might think about your septic tank often. But these factors also make inspecting and pumping your septic tank can become a costly endeavor, especially if you’re experiencing a major problem with your septic system. B & B Pumping is committed…Read More

  3. The Benefits of Installing a Septic System

    The Benefits Of Installing A Septic Tank

    It should come as no surprise that we’re advocates for septic tanks here at B&B Pumping. After all, our septic tank pumping services are our little way of giving back to the community throughout the Fort Worth area. In a previous blog post, we covered some of the reasons you might consider getting a septic tank. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the benefits of installing a septi…Read More

  4. The Worst Things to Put Into Your Septic Tank

    The Worst Things To Put Into Your Septic Tank

    Your septic tank is the unsung hero of your home. While you busy yourself with day-to-day activities, it keeps all of your waste away from your home, ensuring that your home is odor and waste free. Since your septic tank works so hard for you, it’s important to treat it with kindness and care. In today’s blog, the septic specialists at B&B Pumping will cover a few items that should never g…Read More

  5. Common Septic Tank Myths

    Common Septic Tank Myths

    Your home’s septic tank may be one of the most mysterious parts of your daily life. You know it’s there, buried somewhere in the yard, full of unspeakable substances, but unless you work with B & B Pumping, you might not really know what it does and how it does it. You’re not alone in not really knowing much about your septic tank. In fact, people generally know so little about their sep…Read More

  6. The Importance of Aerobic System Pumping

    The Importance of Aerobic System Pumping

    Since our septic systems are buried in our yards, they are often out of sight, out of mind. But putting them out of our minds can actually be harmful to you and your septic system. Regular septic tank maintenance includes scheduled pumping. In today’s blog, B & B Pumping will discuss the importance of pumping your aerobic septic system. Your Aerobic Septic System Your aerobic septic system i…Read More

  7. Hurricane Over Texas

    The Texas Floods

    As we all know our friends down on the Gulf Coast have suffered a great loss when Hurricane Harvey came roaring ashore and displaced thousands and dumped unprecedented amounts of rain. This storm essentially crippled an area that is one of the busiest ports in the country and a major hub for energy production. There are thousands of offshore oil rigs in the gulf and an additional thousands of work…Read More

  8. Septic Pump Truck

    The Leach Field (Part 2)

    Last time we talked about what an amazingly intuitive system a septic leach field is for the environment. Utilizing bacteria that occurs naturally to treat water on your own property is the ultimate in self sufficiency. At B&B Pumping here in the Fort Worth area, we strive to keep your septic system running as efficient as possible. Without regular maintenance, your septic system will become c…Read More

  9. Large, Green Septic Tank

    The Leach Field

    Most people think that when you flush the toilet, wash the dishes, or take a shower that the water is gone. If you live where the city sewer lines carry your water to a local treatment facility, you do not need to worry about your water and where it goes. Okay, so maybe that is not true, you never want to dump grease down the drain and if you have the time, lists can be found all over the internet…Read More

  10. Septic Tank Installed in the Ground

    Different Types of Septic Systems For Your Azle Home: Part 3

    We hope you have been enjoying all the helpful information we have giving out in our latest blog series about septic systems. At B&B Pumping here in the Fort Worth area, we want to make sure your system is pumped in a timely and efficient manner. At our septic system services company, we are professional, knowledgeable, and know how important a properly running system is for your home. To cont…Read More