1. Cons of Buying a Home with a Septic System b & b pumping decatur

    Cons of Buying a Home with a Septic System

    In our last blog post, we discussed the pros of buying a home with a septic system. We learned that there are many advantages to a residential septic system near Decatur, TX, such as being affordable, being environmentally-friendly, and being low maintenance. That being said, there are some cons to owning a septic system as well. B & B Pumping serves the greater Decatur area with the best resi…Read More

  2. Pros of Buying a Home with a Septic System b & b pumping azle

    Pros of Buying a Home with a Septic System

    Many people are surprised to learn that septic systems are actually quite common in the United States. In fact, they were the first systems to process waste before the invention of the wastewater treatment plants. Thus, approximately 25% of US residences and commercial buildings use septic systems. Some are shared, and they aren't just in rural areas. Here in Texas, they are quite common, indeed. …Read More

  3. Why You Need Regular Commercial Septic Tank Services b & b pumping decatur

    Why You Need Regular Commercial Septic Tank Services

    Septic systems, whether you have an aerobic or conventional septic tank system, a residential or a commercial septic tank system, all function basically the same way. Waste makes it way from your home or business via pipes to the septic tank. Here, solid waste remains in the tank. Oxygen and bacteria are mixed in to break down the waste products. The solid matter sinks to the bottom while the wast…Read More

  4. tips to choose septic tank company B & B pumping azle

    Tips for Hiring a Septic Tank Company

    Many of your items, machines, and systems can break, and you'd be fine for a few days. From your refrigerator and car to your washing machine and air conditioning unit, if these systems fail, you simply call the appropriate repair company and await repair service. However, if your septic system fails, you have a major need that usually can't wait, especially if your septic system is backing up int…Read More

  5. Who Invented the Septic Tank?

    Since the beginning of time, what to do with human waste has been a conundrum. In the beginning, humans simply found different spots in the woods to use the restroom and then they buried the contents. Soon, people realized that water would wash their wastes downstream of where they were living, keeping their areas free from waste products. However, as societies grew and so did the population, this…Read More

  6. history of sewer rats b & b pumping azle

    History of Rats in Sewers

    Most of us know that the Black Plague was caused by fleas that lived on rats that then bit humans. Once humans caught the disease, they passed it from person to person through the air. It was caused by a bacterium that was so deadly that people who were healthy one day could be dead the next. So how did rats get in our sewers anyways? B & B Pumping is a septic system cleaning company based in …Read More

  7. History of Sewers

    Waste products are a part of being human. It's how our bodies function. We eat, and our bodies get rid of what is not needed through waste. However, waste products, if consumed by us such as in our water supply, can cause us illnesses and even death. Plus, waste smells, so it's imperative to ensure waste products are properly disposed of. However, this is something humans had to develop over time.…Read More

  8. Septic Tank Installation With Cover Removed

    4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Septic Tank Clean

    When properly cared for, a septic tank system can offer you years of uninterrupted use. In addition to regular maintenance carried out by a professional, you can do your part to keep your septic tank clean and functional. We use the term “clean” loosely in this context, as your tank houses some truly putrid substances.  But keeping it clean is easier than it sounds. To cut back on maintenance…Read More

  9. What to Do If Your Septic Tank Freezes

    What To Do If Your Septic Tank Freezes

    With winter in full effect, it’s time to turn up the heaters, pile on the blankets, and enjoy a nice mug of hot tea to stay warm. But while you might stay cozy, your septic tank might be having a harder time staying warm this winter. While Weatherford and the Fort Worth area never get too cold, but it can drop into freezing temperatures throughout the winter season. This could mean that your sep…Read More

  10. Preparing Your Septic Tank for Fall

    Preparing Your Septic Tank For Fall

    While we’re lucky to live here in the Fort Worth area, with its warmer falls and winters, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get chilly around here starting in autumn. If you’re experiencing the cold, it’s likely that your septic tank is too. We have the luxury of bundling up in warm jackets and putting on that knit cap our grandparents made us, but our septic tanks are not so lucky. But th…Read More